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Found 1 result

  1. So it is time, its time to take a stab at the build i've had on my doodle board for some time now. A functional 6wd crew cab jeep comanche. As with most of my projects/builds, this will be a slowish progress build followed with lots of pictures so please be patient. Like others have done i'll be using a cherokee front section and MJ rear (94xj and 89 MJ for what its worth).I'm saying I'm taking a stab at this build because its by no means gonna be a super clean when finished. I'm no body guy so with that in mind i'm shooting for per-say a 10-15 footer. I have minimal invested thus far into these vehicles and parts and off course will be needing a few things but i'm comfortable with what i have to get started.This is my rendering thanks to microsoft paint. I guess the key highlights to be shown/mentioned here:- Full rear door- All 6 wheels will be driven. The rear tires power will be split via a divorced tcase that has multiple outputs- Bed length will be withing dimensions of a long bed (using a short bed though) The deal to this MJ was that it was heading to scrap - it was loaded on my trailer with minimal parts included (no axles, bed, door, interior, suspension) for a quick $100. I later sourced the original bed as it was not included for an additional $100. The deal behind the donor XJ is a pretty simple one as well... I posted looking for a cheap/free XJ and thats exactly what i got - A free XJ shell struck with the typical frame rot in the rear by the leaf spring mounts. I apologize for the tree in the way though its prolly for the best because the rust is pretty bad out back. So for now we'll just focus on the MJ donor.Dragged it outta the backyard. the bed is sitting funny because its missing the front bed frame mounts. something i will source or recreate at a later time The initial tear down was pretty easy. Bed wasnt bolted down, the doors were cut off the body, there was almost no interior. The engine removal was a little messy/sloppy but overall went without issue. If your wondering whats going on with that rear frame? The P.O had this thing setup with king coilovers for a dune monster! There used to be a tube system mounted off the frame to secure those kings. Ultimately i figured this would only benefit my build purpose as it opens up the work space for what i have in store for suspending those 2 rear axles. The lines were drawn and away we go! Using the sawzall to take care of the drip rail/interior support and then the rockers through unibody to trans tunnel and also the majority of the trans tunnel for that matter and keeping things nice and straight went with the 4.5" cutoff grinder for the roof. These cut lines are Far forward from where i need them but for the time being i'd rather have more material to play with as I'm sure when it comes to mating the 2 halfs - Id rather have it and not need it than Need it and not have it there.Btw, yes i did pause for a breif moment to wrap my head around the sacrifice i'm making... Yes this is what i want to do! Let er Rip Tader Chip!!
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