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  1. I've heard rumblings photobucket is not on solid financial ground. I would hate see someone actually pay the 400$ then a few months down the rode they are in the same situation because PB has gone belly up.
  2. Interview with the CEO of Photobucket regarding the change in policy http://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/16/photobucket-fee-hike/ Not confident it will really have any impact. But here is the petition mentioned in the article. https://www.change.org/p/photobucket-reverse-the-photobucket-third-party-rule Interesting part of the article: Was the customer backlash expected? Corpus paused. For 12 seconds. “No,” he finally said.
  3. :???: :hmm: Why, there's still lots of information here and you can still help others. This image hosting thing will work out eventually. Agree with Yellaheep/Eagle that the damage this has done to the Internet community is incalculable. The bulk majority of the DIY guides and information is very dependent on photos. If the image hosting problem ever gets solved it will be a monumental task to get the threads back in order. Majority will probable stay disheveled. Such a disappointment.
  4. Loss of all the photos on the DIY guides is horrible. My photos are gone. Deleted PB account. Might be the end for me on CC.
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