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  1. I have found a source for the parts to build pigtail connectors for the blower motor switch in the dash (the one that melts). I can sell them for $20 Shipped USPS. Just send me a message if you're interested.
  2. I got the supplies yesterday and have 6 made and ready to go, and will have the other four done soon. The wire leads are white, but other than that they are identical to the picture. I'm probably going to list them on eBay for 25 or 30 to cover their fees, but if anyone on here wants them I can still ship for 20. Thanks for the interest.
  3. I have one now. I have to build harnesses for large truck bodies occasionally at my job, which is how I stumbled into finding this connector. I needed eight for the job and have to order ten at a time. I fixed one of my jeeps and made one more. I'll probably order ten more and have them ready by next week.
  4. Totally agree on preventing the problem. This is a fix for those of us who found the problem after it melted and want a cleaner solution than individual spade connectors. All my jeeps thus far have been fixed with spade terminals, I was excited to find this connector body.
  5. I found a cheaper source for the terminals so I could make and ship for $20. Also I managed to get a picture of the finished product.
  6. My 95 xj and my 88 mj both use this plug, but the wire colors are different. The 95 colors are blue, yellow, green and tan. I don't remember the colors on the 88 as the 95 is the one I just recently replaced.
  7. I recently discovered a source where I can get the components to build a replacement pigtail for the blower motor switch in the dash (Brown connector with five slots that only uses four wires). I'm trying to gauge interest in making more. I can make pigtails with 12ga leads that are 12 inches long and ship them for $30. Just looking to see if there is any interest in this part, I know it is something that I have not been able to find for quite some time and I thought I would share. Thanks.
  8. Pictures don't seem to be working for me, but it is tan and in very rough shape.
  9. Took this out of my truck and have no use for it. I'm going with a grey interior and buckets. Free for local pickup. Will not ship whole seat. If I get no takers, I will end up taking it to the dump and paying to get rid of it. I'd rather see someone get good use out of it. Thanks.
  10. Yes, still going. Just more slowly than I would like. Two kids will do that. I have a different bed for it, a brand new still in the factory box tailgate, and an entire front clip, drivetrain, wiring harness, and dash that came froma 93 XJ that was rusting away. I'm hoping to have the money to get everything painted this year, then things should progress faster.
  11. Not perfect, a few dings, but no rust. Asking $225
  12. Interested in the roll bar if you have a way to get it to 55904.
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