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    carl 88 swb 4x4 5spd 4.0 haslet, tx
  2. that sucks for me! i spoke with a guy at acc and he told me it was basically a big piece of rubber! i wanted to buy from acc, because they were cheaper!!! i guess you win some and lose some. bummer.
  3. thanks for the advise...i went with www.roadworksauto.com, they sold a custom fit premolded vinyl/rubber complete flooring. acc flooring is not molded for the camanche, its just a standard rubber flooring.
  4. where can i find a molded vinyl or rubber flooring for my comanche!?!
  5. thanks...ill look into it and see whats going on. i really appreciate the advise!
  6. just bought my first comanche about one month ago and my part time light is on. what does this mean?
  7. i guess they don't come up for sale that often...once you get one you keep it. there really isnt many with that package for sale in texas.
  8. i just got my 1st comanche. its a 1988, straight 6 (4.0), short bed, 5 speed, 4x4. I'm not finding many comanche's with that package. is this a rare package?
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