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  1. Thanks! I’ve looked through your build and you have done plenty! I guess the hang up for me was if it’s possible for me to get it done, well then for sure a Jeep shop or any experienced mechanic could knock out the project with greater ease/faster turnaround and great confidence in the work.
  2. I was looking to do interior - dash, wiring, seats, as well as front end. I figured with a flat rate at around $80 bucks I'd have piece of mind and some type of warranty on the work as opposed to learning on the fly and I'd spend half of what is being suggested. I feel like most write ups assume the next person performing the tasks has a level of degree and comfort that I don't feel I am at. The last thing I want to do is tear a part two vehicles and be SOL. I do appreciate the support and feedback from the forum. thanks for all the replies.
  3. Yeah I’m basically getting the Cherokee for free and it’s in good condition so I figure if I’m just paying labor, it would be offsetting the cost of the Cherokee itself? 🤷‍♂️
  4. I may have come up on a really good deal on a donor for a swap, however I do not feel I am mechanically inclined to perform this task. Does anyone know anyone or any shops around the San Antonio area that would be willing to take on this project?
  5. Eli237


    Eli San Antonio 88 Laredo LB 4x4 12 JKUR MJ is replacing my 04 WJ. Until I can find the perfect WJ...
  6. Eli237


    Paint is chipped in too many areas to touch up so I figure go with bed lining. Like what I’ve seen from work done on a JT and price isn’t too bad so I’ll probably end up doing it
  7. Eli237


    Thanks! Will probably go the full bed-lining route soon 🤔
  8. Replacing my taillights and previous screws are rusted out. Can anyone point to the correct screws needed?
  9. Eli237


    Laredo auto LB 4x4 maroon interior maroon/silver unsure if original color or repainted.
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