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  1. I'm very motivated to sell this truck today... I'll be in Salt Lake later this afternoon... Cash talks, make me an offer... Send me a text or call me about it... My number is (208)921-6109. Thanks.
  2. Thank you jimoshel... Those pictures helped quite a bit. My point about the fuel filler location on the tank is that if you left the filler neck/filler tube location alone, is that the tank is longer in front of the filler, and shorter behind. I totally didn't think to look at cab support clearance at the front of the tank... I guess that means I'm stuck with just buying a replacement tank and calling it good... What do you know about using an XJ fuel sender in an MJ tank? I can't find a new replacement for the MJ and I'd like to make the guage operational again but don't want to put used junk
  3. It's for sale again... I really need to buy a fullsize for towing... My job might be relocating back to Idaho...
  4. I decided that mine's up for grabs again... 87 shortbed 4.0/AX15/231/44 with a new fuel tank/tach instrument cluster/ no rust from western Idaho, currently in Wyoming...
  5. How can it hit the rear axle if the extra length is in the front end of the tank? The filler neck on the 23.5 gallon tank is closer to the rear than the 18 gallon... And the filler on the bed cannot move, so how could it possibly hit the rear axle???
  6. If you are checking from under the truck and can turn the driveline by hand after shifting into 4 hi, then it means you need to adjust your shift linkage. You aren't engaging the transfercase completely into 4 wheel drive... Plain and simple... Old, soft transmission and motor mounts can cause that...
  7. I have 85 1/2 ton Suburban 56" rear springs on mine... They are noticeably firmer than stock MJs but very liveable... They are only 1" different than stock MJs and only on the shackle end, so it is very easy to deal with the shackle angle... I actually use my truck as a truck but I often use it offroad pretty much empty and it still rides and flexes very well...
  8. From filler to the rear of the tank the 23.5 gallon there is less tank than the 18 gallon has... But it is 7" longer overall than the 18 gallon is...
  9. They are longer towards the front by about 7"... And the fuel filler is slightly closer to the rear of the tank...
  10. I have rear leafs from an 85 1/2 ton Chevy Suburban under the back of my MJ... They were a direct boltin with about 2 1/2-3" of lift... You will need to find the 56" version though... The stock MJ rears are 57" long, but the only difference is on the shackle end so it's easily taken up in slack...
  11. Has anyone swapped in a 23.5 gallon tank from a longbed into a shortbed? My tank started leaking bad and I have an 87 4.o shortbed MJ and I'd like to swap in the 23.5 gallon from the long bed but it's my DD and I can't afford the downtime or expense to experiment to see if it can be done or what's needed to complete the swap... Can anyone help with pics/info?
  12. There is too much tube diameter difference between the 35 and 44 to reuse your 35 U-bolts... Just go through someone like Rusty's, Rough Country, or your local spring shop and get U-bolts for the 44 and get it over with. They will not stretch as far as you need them too. And you will have to have your driveline shortened to work with the 44 as well.
  13. Well... I think I changed my mind about selling it... I think I'll just bust my hump and get more hours in at work and have 2 vehicles...
  14. Hehe! That's ok... Blonde moments happen, or in my case bald moments... Can't blame it on hair color if you have none... Hehe! And thank you again for posting it for me. I'm going to be in Salt Lake tomorrow grabbing some materials for work if anyone wants to look at it... Hell, shoot me an offer and I might just bring the title with me...
  15. Truck is actually mine... It came from western Idaho, they don't use salt on the roads in the winter. Truck is totally rust free. The only reason I'm selling it is because I'm buying a Grand Wagoneer because I need something a bit bigger to tow with for work. I'm from Idaho and working in Wyoming... And it's not a spare Scout 44, it's a Rodeo 44 with 4.30's, disc, and limited slip.
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