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  1. I thought a spring conversion might improve ride quality, I'll not be doing much hauling with it !
  2. Budget is probably around £10k. I'll likely do an engine rebuild as the head is leaking slightly. As new a new chain in the transfer, along with various other repairs. I could do with a respray too.
  3. Has anyone replaced their leaves for springs ? I've an '87 shorted with 8" Skyjacker lift. 6" springs and 2" spacer at the front. The rear leaves have spacer links. The driver side leaf is sagging around 2" lower than the passenger side. Short story, it is going in for work and I thought about getting it converted to springs all round. What are your thoughts ?
  4. That is an awesome colour..... Red is awesome too, but that is the 1st green one I've seen
  5. DMNAK


    And I've just bought another two Xj's for spares.....
  6. DMNAK


    Pete... he made me do it ! Nothing to do with having had 4 other Jeeps before he was born and before I was married. Past history: 2003 Cherokee Sport 2.4 Manual. 1998 Wrangler Sahara 4.0 Auto TJ 2005 Cherokee Limited 2.8 CRD Auto 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0 Diesel Auto
  7. DMNAK


    I might be able to get hold of the original door mirrors, bit i'm not 100% sure what I'm doing to do with her yet, other than get her back on the road. My son is desperate to go an tow people out of ditches. He's a Matt's Recovery fan !
  8. DMNAK


    That's great info to have .... thanks.
  9. DMNAK


    Year, Make, Model. - 1987 - Comanchie shortbed 6ft.. Image, if available - Attached Picture 1 is of my my son standing on the bumper. Picture 2. The Comanchie in America before it was imported. - Picture 3. A side view. Picture 4. When I collected it near Doncaster, England. Engine / Trans / Transfercase / Front axle / Rear axle / Wheelbase - 4.0 straight 6. from a Grand Cherokee. Originally built with a 2.5 l engine. It has been converted to a righthand drive when it was imported to the UK in 1995 and the 4.0 also at that time. Build date: (its on the driv
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