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  1. I was told it was a short bed from the start, although I'm going to look into more into that now. As far as the rust, it will all be wire wheeled down and sprayed with rust reformer before anything else goes on.
  2. So I bought my first MJ a few weeks ago now, it's a 1987 4.0 BA10/5 and for some reason, the guy who owned the truck before the guy I bought it from decided the bed was bad and put a bed from what I was told was a 55 Chevy stepside pickup. It looks ridiculous. I wasn't that worried about it originally because the truck was only $600, had a 4.0, it ran and drives, and I've changed a bed on a different truck before. It sucks and it's heavy but it's doable. So I was working on some other things I need to fix up on the truck (it was a woods truck, I knew it needed work) and I started looking at the bed a little closer. Whoever decided this abomination needed to be put together also decided that welding the bed to the frame was a great idea. So I have a few options here: 1. Take this bed off and find a new one. - Not impossible to do, but I'm concerned about what was possibly modified or removed to make this bed and frame match up. I included some pictures to hopefully show people with more knowledge about how the original bed and frame match up. 2. Keep it the way it is. -It looks stupid and isn't the most practical as I wanted to use this for a bit of daily driving as well as offroad, but its an option. 3. Flat bed -Kinda what I wanted to do when I first got the truck but probably the most expensive option. Also not super practical for me. 4. Find another Jeep that can accept this motor for cheap and do a swap -I've always kinda wanted a wrangler, but they aren't cheap or easy to find with a blown motor near me. I also wouldn't hate a XJ. So what does everything think? The 4.0 only has 66k miles on it, and I have access to an AX15 that I was going to throw in this. Now with finding out this is welded, I'm starting to get concerned about how hard putting an original bed on it will be. The rest of the truck isn't in terrible shape.
  3. Sorry, got the year wrong on the first post. I'm going to check the cable tomorrow and I already know I need to redo all the brakes soon. This was used as a woods truck on the previous owners property relatively often so it was driven and he would know if the parking brake just didn't work at all.
  4. Just got my first Comanche, its a 1987 with the I6 4.0 and a manual trans, runs and drives without any problems with it. I noticed the parking brake is really loose and easy to be pushed straight down. I still hear it click, and the car doesn't move, I'm just trying to see what the issue with.
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