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  1. Hey all, Thought I’d give some updates. My brother 500MJ picked this MJ up from Mkusmc. Thanks again. When I got my hands on it a number of parts had come along with the purchase of the truck. Gaskets, cap rotor, some sensors, etc. 500MJ also threw in some parts from the parts store that has become his garage. Installing these parts has mostly taken up my time working on this Turck up to this point. Long story short it was trailered home when deemed unable to make the journey from WI to MI. Getting the truck started was a bit of a challenge on the cold day we had BUT the old thing way able to make it onto the trailer under its own power, albeit only using 2-3 cylinders. Here’s the truck loaded up and ready for the ride back to MI After getting it home I started work on the motor, with 258k on the 2.5L I wanted to make sure it would run and run decent before sinking in time and $$. Messing around with sensors helped as did some seafoam in the oil before I changed it. I just wanted to get all the crud out of it. The thought was that I had a sticky valve and the seafoam would help free it up. With sensors changed, a new cap rotor and plugs, and new oil the Jeep ran much better BUT IT WAS STILL MISSING ON CYL 4! I decided after some convincing to go in for exploratory surgery and started pulling the valve cover and surprise surprise a pushrod on the misfiring cyl was bent. Now the big thing has been figuring what bent the rod. I take off the head to look further and clean up 30+ years of grease and grit. After a some trip to the local garage to borrow some tools. I disassemble the head and get everything else cleaned up and get some paint on the head. Will Hemi orange add 10 HP or it that just an urban myth? [emoji57] The cyl walls look good in the head, some minor striations but nothing deep and what is there is very minor. When testing compression before pulling the head I was reading 100-110 on all but the fouled up Cyl 4. So I feel comfortable that the rings are ok and will get me through. All the valves came out fine but I am going to double check them and the push rods to verify trueness before putting them back in. My thoughts on what bent my push rod: Low oil? Overheating? Valve adjustment that never happened thereby causing it to work it’s way loose? So far I’ve been chasing a reason as to what bent it. I thought the valve would be bent as well but it seems fine. Next steps: -Verify trueness on rods and valves. -Get some lapping compound and lap the old valves back in to the clean head. -reassemble and put back in the Jeep. -Bend another rod somehow, and join a hot rod club with the 2.5 L[emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Not yet but I will when I get a little time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. IJTHL65IXGTI40708 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Now over in MI (east side) sitting in a garage. 4 cyl wasn’t firing so I added some sea foam to the oil before changing. Got a bunch of crud out but it still was misfiring. Had some Time on my hands so I decided to take the plunge remove the valve cover and wouldnt you know it I had a bent rod on cylinder four. Got the parts ordered down at the local auto shop and will hopefully get the new pushrods and head assembly all installed by the end of next week. In the meantime cleaning up the manifolds as well as the head. Just needs a little TLC... well and a lot of other stuff too but we’ll get to that. Anything that I should do while I have the head off? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey all 86 comanche 2.5L 4wd long bed Limited edition” Drivers side floor boards are rusted through but is really good on rust for an 86. 258k odometer I’m clergy ( doubtingthomas) in a low income area so I get requests for help with moving, picking people up, giving rides for job interviews etc. This Jeep is gonna help me do that. I’m sure I’ll need help along the way and look forward to helping others. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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