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  1. Sorry but this will be a truck I would want to drive from Talladega al to Michigan and back ima rack up the miles but mainly I want it incredibly reliable and new sounds like the way I want to go with it.
  2. 280,000+ miles I just want to replace it it’s drives but blows oil out breather hose into airbox I’m try and fix that before I do the job of course but it’s just time I want a reliable daily driver.
  3. I agree 100% on learning and accumulating the tools and I will once I have a shop but I don’t want to do a motor job under a shade tree and really want to get this truck running before summer gets here. And central Alabama we have tons of machine shops but nobody pulls the motors and has them sent to them anymore they just say buy a crate it will cost as much.
  4. Jeep Driver, that’s the cheapest I’ve found so far no one around me does rebuilds anymore and I don’t have a shop or puler/ knowledge to do it my self.
  5. I am wanting to replace my motor in my 91 it’s the 4.0 h.o. What I am seeing is that this particular year is different from 90 down and is different than the 92-95’s. What I am seeing as remanufactured engines is for Cherokee nothing Comanche specific, but every website says 91 is in its on year range only specifically for the manual transmission can anyone tell me why exactly?
  6. Even if it’s cold and rainy check underneath for signs of rust when your buying. All Is good though still happy with the trade.
  7. Thank you all! I am going tomorrow to look at the truck so nothing off the top of my head yet but I will be asking pretty soon I’m sure!
  8. I am new here so bare with me have had a wrangler last 7 Year’s and still do but I’m in the process of buying a 91 mj. What I have seen on all the parts interchangeability with xjs where pre 90s. Are all mjs body wise the same I know some electrical changes happened.
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