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    I bought my Comanche 3 years ago from a coworker. He installed a 3.4 to replace the dead 2.8. He kept it fuel injected but could.never keep it running. I gave him $800.00 for it and it cost me 50 cents to get it and keep it running. I installed a 2 inch lift so I could run larger tires.
  2. Baker Electronix closed in May 2018. There are two other options for the VATS bypass both work great, it just depends on how much you want to spend. Newrockies offers a lifetime warranty on their product , however it is the more expensive of the two options. I installed this on a Grand Am four years ago and the owner loves it and has never had a problem since. https://newrockies.com/ Timers shop offers a one year warranty on their product. I had the opportunity to install one of these in a '93 Camaro approximately a year ago and it is still working great. http://timers.shop/GM-VATS-Bypass-Module-For-LS1-and-LT1_p_33.html
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