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  1. I bought my Bosch from RockAuto as well. I'm gonna try an inline check valve. Maybe the Bosch Isn't the one to go with after all.
  2. Ok I know this topic has been covered a good bit but I recently replaced my fuel pump because I was experiencing long cranking and fuel pressure test showed immediate drop when switched off. Based on these forums I went with the Bosch not an el-cheapo. Start up was great! For a month or 2 that is. Now I have the same issue again. Anyone know what causes the check valve to fail so quickly and a good long term fix? Thanks. Philip
  3. This is prior to paint....shes even better looking now
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Gonna check out that build Dzimm!
  5. Hey guys. Long time Jeep guy first time Comanche owner Looking to do 4.5 lift to clear factory JK wheels with 255/75's. Original plan was a Rustys 4.5 kit but they kind of pissed me off wanting $155 shipping for what I thought was already a pricey kit. So now I'm considering a Zone Off-road kit. I know nothing about these guys. Anybody running this kit? How are they getting away with 4.5 lift and no adjustable track bar? Thanks in advance for the help.
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