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  1. Re-hashing an old ad. added some new stuff, deleted sold stuff. All prices are asking prices! Make offers! For sale: AX5 4x4 needs rebuilt $75 NP 231 21 spline $100 AW4 4x4worked well when pulled $100 Pr. Gray XJ buckets and brackets **trashed** Gray XJ center console **trashed** Gray XJ overhead console **trashed** AX5 shifters $10 ea. 231 shifters $10 ea. Gray YJ Supertop skin w/lightly tinted windows, and a spare clear rear window. has a seam that needs a repair. all-in-all nice shape $150 Gray YJ bikini top early rollbar type $30 Brand new YJ rear deck cover late rollbar $75 YJ Windjammer black $40 YJ bikini black late rollbar **sold** TJ safari bikini, and header **sold** MJ door mounted mirrors and hardware $65 YJ tailgate some rust $40 YJ insta trunk w/o hardware $30 MJ/XJ clock $10 MJ/XJ chrome Pass. mirror $10 TJ front boxing glove bumper ends $5 MJ/XJ wood grain dash bezel Lighter oak color..XJ waggy, or limited? $30 Pics below!! *wanted* Will trade any of the above for: YJ carpet Black/gray YJ center console Black//gray YJ front fenders Dana 30 locker Bestop spare tire carrier Cobra WX 75 cb radio Thanks, Scott Call or text (217) 883-9290 Email jeepnut_99@yahoo.com
  2. **price drop** For sale or trade: AX5 4x4 worked well when pulled $200 **Sold** AX5 4x4 needs rebuilt $50 NP 231 21 spline $100 AW 4 worked well when pulled $100 Pr. Gray XJ buckets and brackets $25 Gray XJ center console $10 Gray XJ overhead console $10 AX5 shifters $10 ea. 231 shifters $10 ea. TJ front and rear drive shafts $ 30 for pr.**SOLD** *wanted* Will trade any of the above for: YJ Bestop supertop hardware YJ front fenders Dana 30 locker Bestop spare tire carrier Cobra WX 75 cb radio I would also trade parts for someone to do welding Thanks, Scott Call or text (217) 883-9290 Email jeepnut_99@yahoo.com
  3. Wanted: 33x12.50 15 Dayton Timberline MT... New, good, decent, fair, holds air? All I need is 1 for a matching spare. Interested in what you have....Thanks, Scott
  4. Both Trucks are now sold....Thanks It is just the console itself. I will post a pic of it tomorrow PM Scott
  5. The black ones are like the ones on the 92, and the brite ones are like the ones pictured below. I'm not sure what the backspacing is on the wheels. All I know is that they are 15x8...Scott
  6. XXL, I don't think that I could use that stuff. But if you have any luck selling it, and you are still interested in the 89, just let me know. Thanks...Scott
  7. XXL, What kind of stuff do you have? Is it all jeep suff or other? We may be able to work something out, depending on what you have...Scott
  8. Well, it's kind of a long story. In a nut shell, I have owned, and driven Jeeps for over 25 years. I was the president of the local Jeep club (that I founded) for almost 6 years, ran the website, and our yahoo group page etc.. This past fall, I had a fallout with some of the club members. I left the club, and it left a VERY sour taste in my mouth. I'm just burnt out on anything that says Jeep. I have been a member here, or the Yahoo group since the beginning, and you Comanche guys have always been great. Maybe someday I may get back into them. For now...Even they have to go. Soooo...Nobody's interested in the '89, and/or all my crap? ;) Scott
  9. I only have set, and they are 2". They are going to go with the black truck...Sorry...Scott
  10. Sorry, I forgot to mention that they are both SWB trucks. I added a couple of photobucket links to some pictures. Some of the posters, and pics of both trucks can be seen here. I'll try to get more pics added as time permits.
  11. It's time for me to retire from Jeeps. I have 1, maybe 2 complete trucks, and a garage full of odds and ends, and I will list everything out as best as possible. I will also get pictures of as much as I can. The trucks: 1989 MJ 4x4 rust free,80,000 actual miles on the 4.0 renix, Converted to 4x4 with AX15, and NP231from 98 TJ. Non disco Dana 30 front with 3.55 gears. Dana 44 rear with 3.55 gears. ps, pb, Runs and drives great. Leather buckets, and console from XJ, and woodgrain interior trim from 95 XJ country. I have almost new 31x10.50 BFG A/T's on 15x8 outlaw wheels. Stock rear springs with SOA, 3" front springs. I have 2" spacers, RCX drop brackets, and adj track bar that will need to be installed to level things out. I just haven't gotten to it due to crappy weather. Needs to have e brake hooked up and adjusted. There is some damage on the driver side due to an accident this past summer, however it in no way hinders the function, and drivability of the truck. You could very easily drive it as is, or fix the cosmetics. I will include a brand new driver side front fender, a used straight door. I will also include a nice spare tailgate. Some options that are also on the truck are bed cover, bed mat, rear sliding window, rear cargo light, 2" hitch, vent wing windows, aftermarket cd player full gauges. I also have 2 complete wiring harness, and ECM's, 2 complete spare heater boxes for A/C that I was going to add. All from donor XJ with A/C. Plus Tons of spare odds and ends. Asking $3,000 firm for all **Sold** The second is a rust free 1992 MJ 2x with 2.5, and AX5. ps,pb, and cold A/C. 4 tires put on new about 1 year ago. Driver side front brake sticks, and may need a new caliper? p/s pump leaks. I have a spare dash, and tons of spare parts for this truck also. I will include an AX 5 4x4 transmission, and a dana 30 front axle that has 4.10 gears that match the rear dana 35, x-fer case shifter,etc...I'm asking $1,000 for this truck and all the parts listed. **SOLD** Loose, and Misc items: -Good '94 AW4..$100 -XJ overhead console..$25 -Gray XJ bucket seats, and center console..$100...*SOLD* -Misc jeep signs, and posters..$50 for all...*S0ld* - 2 sets of MJ mirrors..1 set black remote..$35, 1 set Bright mid-door mounted mirrors..$50 -79 chevy 1 ton dually axles..Dana 60 front, and 14 bolt rear. Both have 4.11 gears, and rear has detroit. stock right out of the truck. Plus an extra 14 bolt housing...$1000 This is a feeler, but I AM going to clean things out. I'm also willing to negotiate offers, or possibly trade for an early bronco, or something interesting. The trucks probably won't be available until March, but that will leave time to line out another vehicle for me to drive, and negotiate price and such. I will get pictures posted soon. I will also add and subtract items as I go along. Located 40 miles west of Springfield, IL. I may consider shipping small stuff only. Here is a photobucket album link: Pics of the trucks, and some of the signs can be seen here. Phone: (217) 371-2028 email: jeepnut_99@yahoo.com Thanks, Scott '89 Short bed Body damage interior '92MJ
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