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  1. Yeah, calipers aren't too straightforward, but because it's exactly .750, you just read off the zero on the right. If it aligned with another number, that would just indicate a fraction, like .755. And you're implying that the mount is hit-or-miss, and it may fit perfectly, but could also need modification?
  2. The input shaft looks to be 0.750 exactly, so the pilot bearing I had listed should be the correct one.
  3. I recently acquired an AX-15 transmission and want to swap out my current BA-10/5 for it. I don't have any donor parts from the original vehicle, so I need to make sure I purchase all the correct components. If I purchase this adapter, I should be able to use the existing x-member and mount, correct? http://www.advanceadapters.com/products/716007--nv3550--ax15-crossmember-mount-kit-for-jeep-yj-wranglers/ And I know the 4wd shift linkage is different, so I'll need something like this? http://www.advanceadapters.com/products/715545--transfer-case-shifter-bracket
  4. I've run a Flowmaster 40 for a while on my MJ. I would agree, sounds great at idle, but the tone gets really muddy at higher revs.
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