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  1. Haha don’t ruin the surprise! Been busting my jump trying to get this thing ready for Jeep beach in 2 weeks.
  2. @RustyRodder maybe this will answer some of your questions. I will continue typing my write up tomorrow.
  3. Alright so as the title says, I’m going to discuss how I did my budget LS swap for less than 1000$. This is my first write up I’ve done so please bare with me. I have always made YouTube videos of my builds so I will try and post a link to each video I made pertaining to that portion of the swap. I purchased my 88 comanche for 500$ and drove it home. Was a rust free 2wd 4.0. It ran great but I have a problem with leaving anything stock and going all out. Last year I built a 12v Cummins TJ and had a blast doing it, but this build I wanted to go fuel injection. LS is the only
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