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  1. Pete, Did the eliminator have 35 rear and 30 front? Or did it have a 44 in the back. I’m pretty certain I saw a 44 in the rear while looking today.
  2. I just purchased a parts Comanche that might actually be better than my current Comanche. It’s a 1990 Eliminator 4wd. 1 owner with 142k. Does anyone have information about the 1990 Eliminator and what sets it apart from a base model?
  3. I am located in the New River Valley Area of VA. I am searching for a long bed for my 89 Comanche. thanks, Trenton Ray
  4. Some updates on the Comanche build.... I am in the process of my SOA conversion but currently I am waiting for new bushings and center pins for my leaf springs. Once I have my leaf springs ready to go I am going to figure out where exactly to weld my shock mounts to my axle. The interior is coming along. I removed the bench seat and completely gutted the moldy carpet to uncover an almost perfect floor. The bench seat is reinstalled and my ignition problem is now fixed. I had to replace my ignition switch box which was a much bigger job than I had anticipated. While I had the dash tore apart, my shop assistant (my girlfriend), decided to detail and clean the gauges. Now when you sit in the cab it feels like you are back in 1989. Next upgrade to the interior is installing my new steering wheel.
  5. I got donors door off of an 89 Cherokee Laredo due to the fact that the Comanche doors had some rust and dents. I had to have these doors because of the wing glasses, Inside Mirror adjusters and the sturdy chrome door handles. My Comanche doors did not have any of the cool perks that the XJ Laredo doors came with. The only problem was that the XJ doors were full of electrical thingys which means lots of possible problems that I do not want to worry about while off-roading. To begin with, I had to grind 6 different rivets on the manual MJ doors. 4 rivets for brackets and 2 rivets for where the manual crank is located. There is one nut I had to remove with an 18mm wrench that holds the window to the bracket on the window regulator. Unfortunately, I had to butcher the MJ door a little bit but maybe you guys can save your doors if you attempt this. On the Power XJ Laredo door you pretty much do the same thing you did on the MJ manual door but this time there are 3 rivets that hold the Power Window motor on and 4 Rivets that hold the brackets on. After you grind those rivets out, you are ready to take off the nut that holds the window on to the regulator. After the nut is off you can try to wiggle the power window regulator assemble out of the door but just like the manual assembly, there just is not a lot of room. I had to butcher my XJ door a little bit but repaired it with welds after I got the manual assembly in place. I was contemplating on whether to use rivets or bolts to mount the manual regulator in my XJ door but i decided to just spot weld the holes into place.
  6. Thanks for the information Pete. I'm going to be on the lookout for a KJ during my next junkyard scavenger hunt.
  7. Yes I went with the E2000. I mounted it where my original fuel filter was underneath the Cab. I was told I didn't need to run a fuel filter with the E2000.
  8. You would suggest an 8.25 out of a jeep liberty instead of a jeep Cherokee?
  9. Today I decided to put on some 4.5 inch coil springs that I had left over from an older Cherokee build. On the leaf springs I'm going to do a SOA (sprig over Axle) conversion and will put up a DIY thread. I thought about doing a rear axle swap to something more solid like a Chrysler 8.25 or 8.8 but I'm just going to beef up the 35.
  10. Update on the Comanche... She is now at my home garage and is running and driving. Right now I have it rigged up with just a portable Gas-Can because I'm in the process of ordering a new tank. I decided to run an E2000 external fuel pump that intended for a f150 with a 5.0. Have any of you'll ran this fuel pump?
  11. Took my bed off today so I figured I would post a picture showing where all the bolts were located. Other requirements to remove the bed include; taillight removal, exhaust hangers, gas tank filler neck tube, spare tire assembly, some plastic hangers for electrical, and parking brake assembly. Doc2.docx
  12. This is how I fixed my door hinges... my welds are awful, I know! I'm not a fabricator just trying to save a commanche.
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