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  1. I just thought the same thing, I could def use that.
  2. Thanks for your responses, I think I've got some good info to go on.
  3. Hello all, I need to buy a Jeep for donor parts. I am mainly looking for some cosmetic pieces, front bumper, grill, front piece where the hood clasp is (around the grill) and some interior parts. I have an '89 long bed now, I'm looking at two door XJ's now, I will not rule out an engine swap or transmission swap in the future. Am I looking at several donors, or is there one year that an XJ can contribute the most. I've searched the forum, but if there is a helpful thread out there, please point it out to me. Thanks!
  4. Alright, I'm a newbie to the MJ club. I'd really love the forum's insight on the plastic valve cover on my 4 cylinder '89 Comanche. It's already causing me problems and I was wondering if they make a replacement in metal. Can I get one off a XJ? Also, will XJ bucket seats work well to replace the bench seat? Thanks, A
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