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    1987 Comanche Pioner LB Owner: Myself, The Bird Dog Color: Pealing Purple, Surface Rust, Primer, and with black hood. Drivetrain: 4.0.L, AW4, NP231, D30 front, D35 rear Miles: 260k miles HOWEVER, I don't know how long it has been sitting on 33 inch tires so it could be 10k or so less. Location: Currently in the far north, Fairbanks Alaska. Additions: 4 or 6 inch suspension lift? 33 inch tires, detachable sway bar... nothing else know yet. Plans: Gear it to something around 4.88, Paint it to keep it from swiss cheesing. CB radio, bumpers, winch, Fab a "ladder" style rack from over the cab to the back in a roof rack style
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