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  1. Thanks fella's! As far as flashing goes I need to do that irregardless due to changing the LS over from automatic transmission to NV 4500 5 speed manual.Using the NV 4500 transmission(being way larger than that peugot junk) I'm toying with an idea using heim joints on the custom cross member/Trans mount. Although research is giving me trouble due to this particular Jeep is AMC and running the Chevy 2.8l instead of Chrysler. I have already 86'd the AC and figured in second fan. Also aluminum 3 core radiator. Tall intake and low oil pan issues have already been solved using for mentioned intake and oil pan for clearance.
  2. Been awhile being a home build. Update: The 'Manche is a 1986 Jeep Comanche Command Trak (4x4, long bed, 5 speed w/ 2.8), 398,000 miles later the trans finally died. Owning a relatively low milage 2002 Chevy Z71 with the garbage 4L60e transmission I decided "LS" swap. Purchased an NV4500 5 Speed manual transmission. As of now the engine, transmission and transfer case are mounted in the truck. Asides foreseen clearance issues there's been little issues. Any tips or suggestions on stand alone ignition, computers, harness, and or fuel supply? As of now I'm thinking blend the 2 harnesses, flash the computer from the Chevy to dump the AT and pray. Also been looking at lift kits and frame stiffeners, seems every thing is made for short beds. Is there a difference in the suspension? Thank you in advance and any ideas or different options are appreciated.
  3. Where can I get computers flashed and wiring harnesses meshed? Donor is automatic but I’m switching it to the nv 4500 5speed manual. Hate to pay a mechanic to give me an address
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