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  1. It’s a 1990, but I re-sprayed it PG8 which is a dark forest green metallic paint. Really brightens up in the sun!
  2. Yeah it’s a SWB, I’m located in Canada BC so hopfully somebody close-ish can help me out lol
  3. Hey guys I’m looking for a few body side mouldings to complete my set for my truck so if anyone out there has any kicking around I’d happily buy them. I’m looking for a Right fender piece, Cab corner piece, and a left rear box side piece. Or even a couple door mouldings I could cut to fit. Thanks
  4. Hello so I’ll start out with a little history ive got a 1990 Comanche 4.0L came stock with a ax 15 2wd transmission. Me and my buddy put a 4wd ax15 from a 1991 XJ in it this weekend, resurfaced the flywheel , new clutch ,pressure plate, pilot bearing ,and slave cylinder, fresh fluids all that Jazz. So buttoned it all up bleed the slave and put it in 4H just to try everything out(don’t have a rear driveshaft yet, t case has a SYE) . The transmission was struggling to go into any gear I could put it in first and reverse a couple times but very difficult. I shifted the t case into 4L and had better luck shifting gears that way but after a minute or two I pulled over and the slave spewed all the brake fluid from inside the bell housing. So basically my question is should I be looking at a bad transmission or maybe a poorly installed and bleed internal slave ?or even a bad slave clyinder. Any info or input is appreciated I’m not sure if I should try another slave clyinder or maybe take the trans to a shop for a rebuild and hopefully the new clutch is not contaminated with oil Thanks. Jared
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