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  1. Dirtycomanche I don't want to buy just a normal 1 ton isn't that one reason we all offroad and build our vehicles to our own specification so we have something different than everyone else
  2. RustinMyEye I'm going to do that with a j20 and a 97 ram the frame of the ram is only 1/2in longer. Gogmorgo just bored and wanting opinions also think it would be funny to show up at an event with a comanche pulling a big a** trailer and everyone going "how the f***"
  3. Hey just wondering what you all think about this idea and what you all think it might need to be done. Along with what motor would be strong enough to tow a gooseneck and yes I know you might think it's stupid but I still want you input.
  4. Haha its a short bed and there is the stock spare there and I don't have the tools to pull it down so as of right now I don't have one but I plan on keeping it in the bed back by the tailgate strapped down. I'm not worried about moving the filler tube I already have an idea for that.I just wanna know if it's possible because if the tank hangs as low as a cherokee tank then my skid will work.
  5. No my uncle had made one for his mom cherokee then it went to my cherokee if I could figure out how to post pictures on here I would show you
  6. Just wondering if anyone has relocated a gas tank in a mj when it would be in a cherokee. Do you have to use a cherokee tank or what because I have a skid plate from my old cherokee that mounts to the rear bumper and would like to use that as the tank skid if I can relocate the tank. It will also help with evening out the weight from front to back
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