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  1. Got the engine, trans, doubler and t-case in last Monday. Ordered my rear driveshaft from Tatton's along with a double cardan yolk for it. Also ordered another double cardan yolk from Morris 4x4 for the front drive shaft as well. Doing some research on how to make the vss work in place of the mechanical Speedo. From what I've read I should be able to just pull the mechanical Speedo gear out and put the vss housing and Speedo gear directly in place of it so we'll see. Have to make a trans cross member because the advance adapter kit to put the ax15 behind the 2.5 pushes everything back roughly half an inch. I'm going to flat belly it so I'm in the process of figuring out how I'm going to make a flat cross member for it along with a custom trans mount.
  2. A buddy of mine told me about them, I ordered 2. It was worth the massive eye roll and silent treatment from my wife when I told her.
  3. My other short term project is getting the jb custom fab triple shifter mounted in relatively the same location as the factory shifter. I'm afraid I'm going to run into an issue with there not being enough room both for the transmission shifter to clear the t-case shifters, and for the transfer case shifters not to interfere with my leg room. It's an interesting problem hopefully I can make it all work.
  4. Side note for those who haven't seen these yet. https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/SH-SS-DSM-JLY.html
  5. Got the e-brake lever mounted last night (had to drill and tap because the old bolts broke off when I disassembled the donor xj. I cut the trans tunnel out of the donor xj to save the headache of figure out how to mount the center console and everything that mounts under it. Also bought the dirtbound off-road center console bracket to put in it as well, hopefully tonight I can get tabs mounted on below the windshield to mount the 97+ xj dash. Hoping to get the drivetrain mounted so I can measure for a rear driveshaft, planning to order a driveshaft from Tatton's anyone have any experience with them? I've read mostly positive things about their products and for the price you can't beat them.
  6. I've got alot of work till it's running but once I get it road worthy I'll definitely review how they ride. I've run rough country coils, superlift coils, and I've currently also got a 99 xj on Rubicon express 3.5 coils so I'll have a good comparison.
  7. Suspension wise I decided on metalcloak 3.5 progressive coils up front, and hellscreek 4.5 inch leaf packs in the rear. Keeping it short arm at the moment but I'm looking to do a long arm on it at some point however the current goal is get it together and running.
  8. Been a good long while since I've even been on the forum had some life stuff happen and had to put things on hold. Back at the Comanche project my direction completely changed since I originally tore the 86 apart. No longer "restoring" it, going the complete opposite direction. I picked up a 97 2.5 xj for parts so it's getting a full 97+ 2.5 swap in the cab as well as the efi 2.5 under the hood. Behind the 2.5 it's getting an AX15 a northwest fab ecobox, and a Dana 300. More updates in a bit.
  9. Eagle, so are you then saying that so long as the knuckles, rotors, and calipers and hub assemblies are from the same year range they can be used? Not sure what year range big66440 is working with here but my plan was to put mid 90's xj d30 outer parts on my 86 mj d30.
  10. xjsteve99


    1986 Comanche custom 2.5 I4, ax4, 231 D30 in the front, and a 35 in the rear It's got a 7 foot bed so it's a LWB truck obviously. 106k on the dash appears to have origional motor trans and transfercase. It's white for now, body is solid with only a few holes in the floors other then that theres exterior dents and surface rust but that it. It will probably be getting painted anthracite metallic down the road but factory color is white. I'm not near it right now and don't have a pic of the door tag to know the exact paint code off hand. Factory interior is blue with a bench seat. I'm the current owner and she's in my garage being brought back to life. It's still tagged and titled in New Jersey with Jersey plates, and an inspection sticker from 1994 on the window. Has the AMC Renault dealer sticker on it from Flemington NJ. It's in Pennsylvania now, Lehigh Valley to be more exact. I haven't noticed anything interesting or different about it yet but i plan to see if i can get the dealer sticker remade because that's a neat little bit of history that i feel should stay with the truck.
  11. Can't offer you any advice but hopefully someone out there has some useful information, I'm curious about this myself because the calipers on my 86 are seized and i have a newer D30 with everything on it sitting in my garage. I'm thinking is should be a direct bolt up. If i get around to messing with mine before anyone else comments on this, I'll let you know how it turns out.
  12. Dropped the flywheel off at the machine shop this morning planning to check out the bottom end on the motor while its out getting cut. Hopefully I don't find any major surprises that would require pulling the motor. Downloaded photobucket so hopefully pictures to come soon so that this build thread isn't simply just an endless rant with nothing to look at.
  13. Still tearing down and ordering tons of new parts. Found a mouse nest in the bell housing behind the clutch fork when i pulled the trans the other night, that was fun. Pulled the flywheel, need to get that off to the machine shop to have it checked and re-faced. In the meantime I'm going to drop the oil pan and check the bottom end out while I'm waiting to get the flywheel back. Trans and t-case fluids were clean when i drained them so I'm going to leave them alone. Barring any major surprises in the bottom end i'm just going to rebuild the oil pump and replace the rear main and front seals and button it back up. I might need to order a new oil pan because the one thats on it now has a fair amount of rust on it and i'm afraid I'm going to find a wear spot when i clean it up to paint it however we will cross that bridge when we get there. As of now my plan is to have it back together and running by the end of April and that seems fairly realistic given the progress I've been making with the tear down and locating parts.
  14. What is this list you're talking about? http://cruiser54.com You mentioned "then do tips 1-5 on Cruiser's list"
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