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  1. Has anyone ever deleted the cab vents and smoothed them over?
  2. 907Manche


    1990 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4x4 4.0L / AW4 / NP231 / CAD Dana 30 / Dana 35 / SWB Build date: Unknown Current Location: Fairbanks, Alaska Status: Daily Driver/Work in Progress Notes: Red with Pioneer graphics. Aftermarket slider window, 4.5" Lift, 2014 Tundra fogs flush set in grill, aux led spot lights, manual switch fuel pump and cooling fan, upgraded to open cooling system, has grey interior with bucket seats. Current owner: Anthony W.
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    1987 Jeep Comanche SporTruck 2WD 2.5L/ A904 / NP231 / Dana 35/ SWB Build date: August 1986 Current Location: Fairbanks, Alaska Status: Just purchased. It is road worthy, just needs an interior overhaul and some engine tune up to be a DD. Notes: Two owners ago painted it an odd black/red two tone scheme. It has an aftermarket diamond plate rear bumper stamped 'Montgomery, Alabama'. Interior is tan/black with a tan vinyl/cloth bench seat, & it's a floor shift. Current owner: Anthony W.
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