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  2. So, I had recently purchased this 88 comanche 4.0 and it looks clean with a few scraps and dings. I drove the vehicle a little before but not until I purchased this vehicle. I was going down the hwy and heard a slight noise I hear a slight ticking and before you know it I looked in my rear view and see smoke coming out the back tail pipe. I didn't see the light come on for the temp gauge. I pull over and the engine is hot and smoking and I lift the hood in despair but I saw oil sprayed everywhere and thrown up on the inside part of the hood. I had to pay a $275 tow bill and the tow truck driver said when he picked it up who has also been my mechanic for years said it was a rod when he tried to start it but first said it was a ring without looking at it. Now, I totally trust my tow truck driver and all but how do I really know if this vehicle needs a new engine? It turns out the guy unhooked the light for the temp gauge. I recently read that the PCV system can cause this problem on cherokee talk.com. I will say the air filter was soaked dripping in oil. The back PCV line looks new but the guy told me it does run hot and to bring antifreeze. He(seller) said that it needs a back freeze plug? Does that mean water may have cracked my block? I have heard I have a bad valve from my friend at work that is the reason I was getting that light ticking noise? I have checked the radiator cap and it holds pressure even though I have to check the tank yet. It did have a small crack in the seal of the cap but no antifreeze seen just oil! The front of the engine has the most oil and I am guessing the thermostat needs replaced. I plan on doing a pressure test first on each of the cylinders then taking the exhaust off to see if it leaks oil or antifreeze. My paw tells me that it needs rings bc of the oil all in the air filter and that makes since but the PCV theory still rings in my head louder. I really don't want to buy a engine and was quoted $1800 for a crate. I hate to put that much in it. But it may be the answer.? Can anyone advise? What do you guys think?
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