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    Connecticut wheelin'

    I'm here in salem ct
  2. jbuds690

    anyone rear rockland, mass??

    I'm down here in salem ct. jusdt need a little more work before she can travel that far though
  3. I didn't think this one posted it said it didn't I posted another one in the Craigslist one to a link with pics
  4. 1987 jeep Comanche 4.0 motor. New water pump. Runs great except fuel filter need to be done I have it just haven't had time with the baby. Also going to need a new starter soon and you will want to replace coolant reservoir had to patch it when water pump went. Interior needs some work and so does the body there is a crack in the frame. Also the gas tank and fill neck should be replaced. It is a project truck but definitely a good starting point just needs a small stuff that added up and don't have time for. $1000 or best offer will not part out unless mostly whole truck goes in all. Any reasonable offer can be accepted so lets hear it. Not sure how many of y'all are my way but worth shot. Email is j.boucher690@gmail.com number is 8608844504 my name is Joe. I will send more pics if you want I work third shift so afternoon is better to get a hold of me. Otherwise my girlfriend Ashleigh might answer for you. trying to figured out how to add pictures
  5. So my 87 4.0 has always made this noise when you step on the brakes like it was pushing air out but now today after fixing the water pump and power steering I can hear it constantly. Not loud but enough. Just curious if this is normal for all yall too or maybe yall can point me to what's going on
  6. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    Thanks I fixed it. Turns out the bolts to hold the pulley on the pump were too long
  7. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    And sorry about all the spelling mistakes yall appreciate the help
  8. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    Will do thanks and it looks like the same one. I mean it wouldn't be the first time Napa have me the wrong part of it was
  9. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    Both ran a small bead of rtv on the cardboardish gasket
  10. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    Thanks I'll have to take a look when I get there I still gotta take it back off it was getting dark yesterday and it's not at the easiest place for me to work on
  11. jbuds690

    new water pump won't spin

    No drag just completely stops it's brand new
  12. So my old pump was wobbling and went on my way home just put a new one in and I can only get a half spin out of it. Wasn't sure if anyone has any decent ideas to help. No I'm not a matter mechanic but I know my way around so please no smart assing. Its 87 with the 4.0