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  1. Hey guys i have this hose coming off my air filter intake? and its trashed does anyone know what hose this is and where i can get one at or make one out of, thanks in advance.
  2. What has everyone done when they have a 5 speed manual and have no stock center console, i would like to see what you guys have replaced it with, or if someone miraculously has a center console lying around you know...
  3. I had to replace my gas tank in mine one of the previous owners had used bondo or something on it
  4. indreland

    Center console

    Need a console for my mj, I need one that will fit my manual 5 speed 4×4 comanche. Haven't had any luck with the local junkyards.
  5. My 4x4 only works in high I have the same question as jnick above 1989 4.0 4x4 manual
  6. Eventually I would upgrade to adjustable arms, I've heard a SOA lift takes a lot more parts and is harder to get it right
  7. I'm lifting my comanche and am looking at rough country's 4.5 suspension lift I am wondering if anyone else has Done this before
  8. Nice really lucky, mine had pin hole rust in them
  9. Any tips on installing these valves the rubber doesn't want to fit
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