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  1. The tail shaft housing that's on the back of every transmission which allows either a transfer case to be bolted on or turns the output shaft into a yoke. I think you need to do some reading as well if you don't know what a tailshaft is
  2. I'm collecting parts for it. And actually I just need a tail shaft which I have
  3. Ok so I picked up a Dana 30 and np231 tcase for $50. Tcase needs a rebuild. Where's the best place to get the rebuild kit at a fair price
  4. Hell yeah. And I don't wanna drive a 4cylinder 5speed all around to offroad parks. That would take forever lol
  5. So I'm gonna be running a 6in lift on my 88 Comanche. Will I clear 35's with cut out flat fender flares?
  6. Figured I'd share my daily driver/former offroad truck. And what will tow my Comanche around upon completion. My 95 f150.
  7. I'm in. Even if the Comanche ain't ready I'll bring my f150
  8. Jeep driver. I pulled a 78 f150 out of a field. Had been sitting for 8 years and it fired right up with some fresh fuel and a battery.
  9. I'm in New Jersey. And my parents live in kingston ny so I have easy access to both areas
  10. Obviously I'm gonna get it running and driving before everything else. I already bought a battery, distributor, plugs, and wires and a new fuel filter just for good measure and the bondo I don't care about. It's getting a rattle can camo paint job
  11. thats a random art sitting in the engine bay lol. But he'll I'll take free parts
  12. That's what I was thinking mnkyboy. And I definitely do. First I just wanna get it running and 4wd swap. I have a spare set of 31's I'm gonna throw on for now. How much lift will it need to clear them? I've never touched a commanche before
  13. Oh ok. I use that for another forum too. Thanks buddy
  14. Just bought a 88 commanche yesterday for $400. 2.5 4cylinder with 5speed manual. Not sure if 4wd though. Was too excited and forgot to check. Picking it up next weekend. Can't figure how how to post a pic. Help???
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