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  1. This was a huge help. Thanks for The thread on this topic but, I have black with white signal left over coming off of my 1999 harness and it shorts out fuses when I tried hooking it up to any of my 1989 headlight harness. I have high beams and low beams but my singals don't work while headlights are on. Last step on finishing my Comanche build.
  2. Hey Pete. My harness is from a 1999. So today marks the day where the entire swap is done and about to fill the rad with fluid but the dang jeep won't stay running longer time 3 seconds.. So close!
  3. Hey everybody. I've managed to do the HO Swap in my Renix. Everything's bolted in and almost ready to go. Have a few questions on these plugs as I didn't mark them and hoping someone on here can chime in and help. Thanks. Pictures for attention
  4. No I don't have a diagram, I've swapped the entire motor trans, entire wiring harness, finished mounting the 99 fuel pump through the top of the COMANCHE tank. I should get a diagram might help out
  5. I'm in the final stages of wiring in my 99 interior into my 89. My hazards are coming on but nothing else. Anyone on here that had done this swap please chime in and give me a couple pointers. Thanks.
  6. Turned out to be a faulty ignition coil, I must have out my distributor in off because I now have an off idle.. Good and bad
  7. The previous owner had splice a wire into my ignition fuse inside the cab, and further up that wire there's a fuse.. Not exactly sure the reason behind that and that could be part of the problem
  8. I replaced my ignition coil, new cap and rotor.. I mean it was running, then all of a sudden it stalled and won't start
  9. I have spark into the distributor, but no spark to my spark plugs.. It's driving me nuts
  10. Here I have my 89 4.0l auto MJ, I have spark up to my distributor but none to my plugs, changed the rotor and cap.. Still nothing, changed my cps sensor and ignition relay and still nothing.. Need help guys!! Cheers
  11. I have the cover off, the fork will not slide over to 4 wheel drive... I can put my lips on the actuator and move it that way. All it will do is keep it in 4wd
  12. My MJ will shift into 4x4, but will remain in 2wd... I have vacuum sucking on the green hose to my actuator on my front axle.. Not sure if it's enough vacuum or perhaps something else is causing it.. Need some advice
  13. Right on I'll find that picture with all the diff covers
  14. Hey guys, my comanche came stock with overload springs and metric ton badges. I'm asking how can I Tell if i have the D44 in the rear
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