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  1. My Sportruck is for sale, $12,000. I put some updated info in the for sale forum. I forgot to mention that last winter it got a new windshield and 97-01 cherokee style rubber windshield molding professionally installed.
  2. Its not terrible, just feels a little loose in the middle, and has a very little bump steer - but even a little bothers me as its my daily driver. Driving 20,000 miles a year with it... when I get on Canadian back roads full of potholes it goes all over the place. I am planning to put in a high ratio steering box, either a XJ box or a newer PSC box as well as the Curry link steering and think both of those should help. But as for geometry I think it needs offset ball joints and a different pitman arm.
  3. Its taken me for ever to get around to getting back on here, but here is the most recent update; the big change is the Napier Precision Products fender flares! which really look good on the truck. I have been driving it for 2 years now as my daily driver with no intention of stopping! Life got busy, I got married, I move several times a year for work, so other than the flares nothing much has happened with it aside from putting 32,000 miles on it. . I finally have some time this week and the goal is to try to finally finish the overhead console /computer and visors, get a new windshield, an
  4. Thanks! sorry to never answer the question about the rear window MJ Junckie, I couldn't get logged in for the last 4 months.. just figured it out this morning. Yes it is a stock MJ sliding rear window.
  5. Thanks! I am planning to put some flares on it. I work in Canada in summer and up there you are supposed to have mud flaps too.. so for the sake of hopefully not getting pulled over I am going to add some flares. I actually have gotten a lot of rock chips already too. I had fit the original Comanche ones on to the new style front fenders before I painted it, but then I used a black rhino bed liner spray on them and they bubbled really bad even with plastic adhesion promoter and the proper prep work.. I had to throw them out:( plus they looked so glossy they just looked terrible. S
  6. Final Assembly; I put the whole thing back together and worked the bugs out in three days and took it on a 1700 mile road trip to Wisconsin.. I only live in Idaho in winter so I was in a real crunch for time to get back to WI. I actually went a week over as I only had 3 weeks for the paint when I started, I was supposed to leave for WI the 16th of April but didn't end up ready to go till the 22nd. . Pics of the Hanson rear Bumper and JCR front... I really really really wish I had got one I could mount a winch too.. duh this is my first jeep :( now I need a new bumper.. Loaded up and
  7. back in the yard we used a raptor kit bed liner tinted the same Commando Green Bed back on the frame and bed liner done
  8. Paint job work, I did the whole job in 4 weeks. Did all the body work and primer in my garage then took it to the shop my buddy works at to have it painted in the booth, single stage Comando Green with Limco Supreme paint. Its relatively cheap paint, the whole job cost me about 1500 mostly sandpaper and primer. I welded up several holes in the side of the bed and tailgate, removed the metal tailgate linkages and put some newer style cables on it as well. I did the hood, grill, tailgate, bed and fenders first. Then did the cab and doors separate... not enough room to work on it all at once.
  9. Disk brake conversion done, new shock mounts, new ubolts and plates over the rear springs, and an extra short leaf I cut and put in cause the back was squatting a little. Before putting it back together I also ran new rear brake lines and a rear proportioning valve and stainless line to the axle. Also new exhaust and cat is visible that I had put on a couple months earlier.
  10. I eventually changed all the interior parts to black, took out the seats and shampooed them several times, put in new carpet and floor mats, and changed the switches in the driver door to a 2 door model from parts I bought on ebay. (no need for rear window switches on a 2 door) I also fixed loads of wiring issues with the old harness under the floor, and shortened the parking brake cable so it didn't have a big loop in it. I wish I had pictures of all of it, but here is the couple I found before and after. I also used hushmat on the whole cab.
  11. First weekend driving it.. I decided I would spray paint the hood and grill so I sanded all the loose pealing old paint off, I'm a newbe at bodywork at this point. It stayed like this for 3 months actually without getting much done to it except for the maintenance it needed to keep driving. To get it to this point I worked on it for a month, First thing I got was the new 16" alloy rims and Toyo tires.. they are close to a 33 x 11.5 ( ill check the size again later) I went through tons of clearance issues with the suspension arms, I ended up putting Rough Country long arms on it, with RE
  12. Thanks! i am new to this and having a terrible time getting pictures on here>>> sorry. I think i have tried almost everything imaginable......
  13. Brook's 89 SporTruck 1989 Comanche Sportruck with 90,000 on the body Complete 97-01 Swap and 4x4 conversion. - engine, transmission, transfer case, dash, doors, fenders, grill from a 97 Cherokee 160,000 miles Rear 8.25 re-geared to 4.56 Front Dana 30 re-geared to 4.56 Advanced Adaptors SYE Rough Country Long Arm Kit RE 5.5 springs Rear SOA Conversion BDS Shocks Rear Disk Brake Conversion Hanson Rear Bumper JCR Front Bumper with LED fog light Kit New Exhaust and Cat (to meet the Idaho emissions requirements) Pro Comp 7069 Series wheels 16x 8 Toyo Open Country MT
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