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  1. Grinding. Welding. :) Will have some good updates by the end of the week. :needpics: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: Michael Jackson ate it all already.
  2. Grinding. Welding. :) Will have some good updates by the end of the week.
  3. Well at least on mine, the beveled edge is from the LCA mounts to the tranny x member. Then it's straight... forever. lol Haven't started on it. Done prepping though.
  4. My question is if the whole plate is useful...
  5. Quick question. I'm at the point where I just want to get my build back on the road and stop having to fab every part. Will RuffStuff's XJ chassis reinforcement plates work on an MJ? Even if I need to cut some of the rear off, I'd be okay with it. Could reuse that loss in some shape or form... I'd assume from the crossmember forward, it would be fine. I'm 3 linking and almost have the CA mounts ready to roll. They have a 20% off sale today and needed to order a few things anyways, just thought I'd ask!
  6. Fabbing my rear shock tower. Subscribing and will post a pic when we are done. Very similar to the above.
  7. Started cutting and grinding last night. I feel sorry for everyone ever who has had to cut these without plasma... WORST THING EVER lol
  8. It's been 2 weeks, and not much done. We have decided to go ahead and custom 3 link the front end... 2"x0.25 DOM with currie joints (already had them), custom crossmember, etc. Looking forward to be done with this suspension work. It's getting frustrating to say the least.
  9. TGIF Update: Well after getting it turned around on Tuesday with: vise gripped rear brake line, weak front brakes, a 5 gallon bucket for a seat, no transfer case lever installedand no shocks or diff fluid (only had it in gear going straight forward and backward so the LSD wouldn't engage, turned it with man power lol) .... we got to tearing out the front axle. Let me just preface this with saying how glad I am to not live any further north than KY. There is plenty of evidence that the Ohio Department of Transportation did their job properly during the winter time! Coil spring perches, passenger side UCA mount, and track bar frame side bracket were all not too far from being gone. Caliper bolt missing. Just some good fun stuff. Took the axle shafts out of it to sell, only broke one hub bolt! Impressive rust on the knuckles. When banging hub out of knuckle, at least a 1/8" layer of knuckle came off as rust! Also, the C on driver side wiggles. Not at the ball joints, where it is attached to the axle tube. Fun stuff! Definitely gonna have to move coil perches in on the JK axle roughly 2" per side and fab up shock mount. Should be an easy cut of the truss and reweld. Probably going to order an Adam's driveshaft for the front as well, but that can come later. Blue torch Fab DIY cover. (Have both) -primed, Rustoleum hammered silver first coat for texture, Rustoleum metallic for color. Going to look awesome when it dries.
  10. Sprinkle some cement powder on ya wheat bix and harden up old mate..lol Looking good, great progress..... :thumbsup:Thanks, Frumunda! (Yeah that's my new nickname for you)
  11. Let's wait until mine isn't on jack stands anymore. :) Should be done next week!
  12. That blows. It was a good time. 800 or so jeeps and business was good. Only one stock MJ 2.5 2wd, wish mine had been done. I love this thing! My wife.... yeah, my wife. Of course. I think this was an early in the morning picture. Filled up the next lot too.
  13. The only update I have tonight is that I got a concussion from a ratchet to the top of the nose and some concrete to the back of the head, happened last night but felt it today... Not feeling very good ha.
  14. How is the output on these LEDs? Got a night pic? Ah ha! Before adjusting. They're bright. But don't blind oncoming traffic like HIDs can.
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