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  1. pagano8

    Renix Dead Spot And Idiling Low

    Honestly man mine does the same exact thing....
  2. pagano8

    decent bed

  3. pagano8

    decent bed

    88 short bed Pioneer is what I have, mines being eaten my rust and don't feel like dealing with it... I'm from nj so the closer the better
  4. pagano8

    anyone from south jersey???

    I'm from hammonton and I work in atlantic city
  5. Dude that's awesome, I ran into a problem now for a air filter I cut up a old one and put it over the tube but I don't think its gonna filter right
  6. i just need a few more finishing touches and snorkels done
  7. pagano8

    What Comanche???

    My title just says comanche but when I did the Google vin it said Pioneer