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  1. the front blinkers do not work i checked my fuses they were fine there was also some bondo looking crap all over where the bulbs go in i don't know what that stuff is also my flashers don't work either
  2. my brake lights and blinkers are not working all other lights work i just replaced the bulbs and theyre still not working i don't know too much as far as jeep electrical problems so any help is appreciated
  3. although this is an event forum I'm just trying to meet new people from the area since all my friends got rid of their jeeps for hondas with sweet fart cans on em i live in camden county and usually go wheeling out in the pines wharton state forest etc just seein if anyone is from around the way
  4. ok went out last night to mess with it a little bit got my buddy to hold a screwdriver on the ground for the starter and it started looked more at it my ground was caked in mud from the p/o and he said my starter was on its last leg so hopefully this is the issue and i can look like this at the end of the day
  5. ok so i just picked up a 87 comanche the guy drove it to me and said it would need a new battery because it wouldnt hold a charge bought a new battery started right up ok i was happy went back out about an hr later wouldnt start all my lights and radio worked so its not the battery gave up for the day went backt the next started right up turned it off and tried starting it again and it wouldnt start the next day it wouldnt start at all the day after started right up it kinda has a mind of its own i can hear the fuel pump when i start it so i don't thinks its that? i have no idea whats wrong maybe a starter? maybe worse this i just really wanna get this on the road and this is holding me back any help is appreciated
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