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  1. No, nothing is Bent, everything I've done to the front end is lower adjustable control arms, Springs and spacers, and adjustable track bar. The d30 housing is out of a xj. Internals are yj (couldn't find anything in 4.10) the inside of my rim is rubbing on the sway bar Mount at the axle. The links are current out of it because I'm waiting for shipping.
  2. No pictures currently, it's a 4.5" spring with 2" spacer. There's no sway bars on it right now, it's hitting on where the sway bar mounts at on the axle. It's a d30 front, with stock xj size tire size. Almost everything under the front end is adjustable. The sway bar links are being shipped right now.
  3. Ok, got tired of fighting with my MJ on getting it back together as I couldn't figure out the transfer case problems or front end problems. So I took it to a reputable 4x4 guy. He got all the problems straightened out and told me I needed a different off set because my wheels were hitting the sway bar links? I have stock tj rims on it now. The jeep is lifted roughly 5.5-6.5 in the front and spring over in the rear with taller perches. Just wondering what offset I would need to not rub at all? This is the wheels I have on it right now https://www.google.com/search?q=stock+tj+wheels&client=ms-android-att-us&source=lnms&prmd=sinv&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH2KimicDPAhXMPiYKHcWwAVMQ_AUICCgC&biw=360&bih=512#imgrc=RApix1gLHdJiFM%3A I think he said they're 5.5 offset?
  4. I have a whole parts truck, just missing rear bumper, and tail gate. I'm keeping the windshield. The rest is in decent shape, interior is PERFECT and red.
  5. Tried swapping relays around and nothing, Scott mine don't come on what so ever. Drivers side rear when turn signal is on 2 bulbs blink, passenger side rear turn signal on only 1 bulb blinks?
  6. The ground is good, I cleaned it to bare metal. The connector under the truck was cleaned out also.
  7. No, hazards do not work they stay lit up and don't blink when engaged. I could possibly be mustaken, I will check again when I get home.
  8. Ok driving to work one day I got pulled over for no break lights which was news to me. Ever since then I parked it and haven't drove the truck. Finally getting around to fixing it and it has me 100% puzzled. All fuses are good, as so is the flasher and turn signal relays. Break switch is also good. I've tried them out of 3 different trucks known to be good. https://youtu.be/uzAWqGT9Goc That's a video of what the truck is doing.
  9. I took the linkage off, and tried shifting it by the little bracket at the back of the tcase, and it still wouldn't move.
  10. No tires yet, the linkage on the transfercase the little piece coming out is down
  11. Track bar is installed already, axle is corrected under the truck. But I still count make a turn with it. I also put adjustable loweres on my truck. And eagle would I need a pitman arm with that much lift? I'm using a xj bracket and shifter/linkage.
  12. ok was doing a 4x4 swap/lift(5ish-6inches) at the same time on my 92 mj, and after the front end is under it i don't have all my steering radius i use to have for some reason. all my steering components are stock 2wd. was wondering what pitman arm i needed to fix this problem? and my trasnfercae came out of a yj, the speedo plugin isnt the same, and the transfercase won't shift, ive pried on the linkage(at the back) beat on it wiggled it and it won't move? any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It's still clocked for a yj, does that make any difference? And is it possible that that would be a 242 linkage?
  14. This is at full turn, it's the same amount both ways http://imgur.com/9G67Iu8 Here's the tcase linkage. http://imgur.com/V3rR6nj
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