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  1. 1986 Jeep Comanche 2wd. 2.5 4cly. 5-speed manual Vancouver WAUpdated this truck over the past year.Newer Engine with good compression (original had bad compression) 140k on this motor.New clutch and hydraulic cylinderNew brakes front rearNewer dash wiring harness (original harness had issues)(cab was gutted, holes patch (only 2 dime-sized on the floor), painted, newer dash wiring, 1991 gauge cluster, newer headliner.)Newer gas tank and sending unit.New coolant temp, oil pressure sending unitsI put a lot of time into fixing everything I found while driving this past year.I'm asking
  2. There is no power in the circuit until i put it there. I disconnect and put 12v from battery at one end and meter to ground at other end. I am only going from end of wire to end of wire. not connected to sending units. I am not a literary master so pardon my poor explanation.
  3. i put battery power to one end and meter to ground the other. The fire wall connection was pulled apart. So power to pin at fire wall engine side connection then meter to ground at sending unit wire connector. 12v Then power to pin at fire wall cab side and meter to ground at cluster connector. 6v Does that help. just checking wires for breaks or shorts. When i checked the whole circuit i got 6v. This prompted me to check each side of the firewall connections to find the side $#!& went south. Cab side.
  4. For fuel gauge: Voltage read on pin B (tan wire) at plug to ground (blaok wire) Took out fuel pump-sending unit. It works but, doesn't move needle off empty until about halfway up. Once all the way up gauge reads full. Half of the float travel does nothing for the gauge. Continuity check with meter verifies reading of gauge. 0 to 90 ohms for full travel but, very little at bottom 1/4 of movement then starts to go up faster after that. must be in the winding on the slide is off. For oil gauge: Didn't get to mess with it last night. Wire c
  5. I believe it was out of an 89 - 90. I adjusted the tack and it works now. There is a wheel on the back and top of the tach (top left looking at the back). I drilled a hole in the top of the cluster back. Centered about 1/2" in from back edge an just clearing the closest bulb socket on the back just to the left of the gauge. I can get a pick in an turn it. turned all the way clock wise. I will do the following: (report back when complete) -Additional ground to dash -Pick up a oil pressure tester and check with it. -Test oil pressure sending unit and co
  6. yes reading 6v to sending unit. Can a bad ground to dash for the gauge cluster cause this?
  7. So i unplug wire from oil pressure sensor. I then put a meter on it to ground with key on. It reads 6v. Is that correct? I get 12v at the Gauge Cluster plug that feeds the cluster.
  8. I read another article that said the gauges output 5v. Is that correct?
  9. Hello all, Installed a new used gauge cluster. 1986 Comanche 2.5 5 speed manual. put the one with larger numbers and fat needles in. replaces water temp and oil pressure switches with new sending unites. removed fuel pump and checked the sending unit in it. 0-90 ohms. All gauges move but do not read correctly. Oil shows 75 psi running cold. Fuel shows empty with low fuel light on with 7 gallons in tank. Tack reads about 400 rpm at idle (i think it should be 7-800 ish) Never ran car long enough to check temp. If
  10. That's perfect. I was about 80% correct on my run. Thanks! What manual is that? Where can i get one?
  11. Hello, Lost all my disassemble pics and tryin to put new harness in. I have a 1986 Comanche but pics from another similar year Comanche or Cherokee would help. Pics of how the wiring is run behind dash. Around steering column to HVAC box. Thanx
  12. Anyone know of a reversed pitman arm steering box i can use on my comanche LS conversion. I put in a full rad and now have to move the steering box toward the driver putting the pitman arm to tie rod over the axle. putting a pitman arm facing the front bumper will solve my problem. i just don't know what junkyard box to get since the box will need to be reversed rotation of the pitman arm or i will turn left when turning steering wheel right! LOL Any thoughts appreciated?
  13. Thank you both. Will be working on it this weekend.
  14. I noticed both the temp and oil switches are single wire. Will the sensors be single wire as well? Thank you for your input.
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