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  1. Lots... have almost everything for 4wd, swapped in buckets, loooooots of rust repair.
  2. You could always primer the whole thing... Look familiar? Can't wait to see this MJ in person and hopefully out on the trail. Safe travels!
  3. As the title states, looking for a rear driveshaft for my 89 SWB 4.0L AW4 4wd Comanche
  4. Manual Trans right? i had a YJ ax15 get stuck in reverse and another forward gear at the same time. Pull the shifter off and look at the fingers for the shift forks. Should be able to force it back into the neutral position
  5. If you want to go the Mopar efi v8 route, avoid using a ZJ as a donor. They have all sorts of wacky factory alarm systems that didn't work/disable things right out of the box... Look for one out of a ram/dakota because the harness should be easier to graft to the existing MJ stuff
  6. Bobby from Western Mass checking in.
  7. calling my local yards this morning.
  8. Do you still have the fuel sender?
  9. This is a long shot I know, but I put my MJ on the road today low and behold 20 minutes in, the elbows on the sending unit flaked off some rust and started to weep. Better safe than sorry I ordered a gas tank and am looking for a SWB tank sending unit. Doesn't have to have a Fuel Pump, as I ordered a new one already. I'm located at 01033. My MJ is a 1989 SWB 4.0l auto 2wd (for now)
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