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DD Machine 4x4 Machine Madrooster Box 4 Rocks

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I am looking to buy one of these NP231 doubler kits. Does anyone here have any experience with one of these kits and their installation into a Comanche? I am also having trouble trying to find where to buy one of these kits. It appears that the DD Machine kit is the least expensive at around $399 but where do I find where to buy it. Anyone have any input? Thanks in advance, Tom

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I have experience with the DD Machine Box4Rocks kit. It's not in an MJ, but in an XJ. I do not have any experience with the Madrooster Off Road kit.


The Box4Rocks kit is defiantly a nice setup. We used it with a Dana 300 / NP231 doubler combo. Worked perfectly.


The Box4Rocks kit I believe runs right at $399, where the Madrooster kit is more expensive at around $100 more. As to why one is better than the other I have no clue as I've not researched them in depth.


As far as getting them, here is the info I can provide for you.


D.D. Machine (ask for Duffy)

(360) 779-2500


(I believe he has Yahoo Msg. as well under the name of djld98370)



Madrooster Off Road (ask for Phil)

(559) 232-5566

madroosterfab@yahoo.com or desertcj2002@yahoo.com

(I believe he has AOL Msg. as well under the name of ieffed)

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