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Project Daily Driver/Weekend Warrior

Guest vzehler

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Guest vzehler

FINALLY! I managed to get my account approved here. So, I'm ready to start posting. I posted up some pics on other forums, but, I feel my best responses are going to come from here because it's nothin but MJ love over here. PLEASE, feel free to critique my plans and offer advice as you see fit. I'm not really familiar with MJ's and what parts are compatible from other vehicle. If you know of an easier way than what I'm planning, by all means, call me out.


The Truck:



The Good:

1988 Jeep Comanche Longbox

66,000 original miles

4.0 ltr Inline 6

AW4 Automatic Transmission

NP231 Transfer Case

and a 30/35 Combo loaded with 3.55 gears.

Very Minimal Rust


The Bad

1. As seen in the pictures, the P/O kinda made a mess out of the brake lines in the rear. They are fully functional, but, rather than doing it right and replacing lines and parts. They started tapping in t's and as a result the load sensor is not hooked up. (need advice on this)


2. There is a slight leak from the rear of the transfer case. Simple as replacing the seal.


3. And of course, it has the notorious rear main leak that I'll have to fix.


The Plan:


I want to try and keep this build relatively simple. My goal is to have a clean, daily driveable truck that I can go out with on the weekends and run a couple mild to medium trails with.

I also have an 06' Rubicon on 35's that we take out, so the main reason I got this truck is because I want to get the ol' lady outta my rig... lol just kidding. She loves it, but, she's tired of being passenger all the time.




Motion Offroad 6.5" Hybrid Lift

33" x 10.5"?? Tires (not sure if I want A/T's or M/T's

Recovery Bumpers Front and Back (suggestions please)

Bucket Seats and Console (suggestions for donor parts please)

Totally Repaint and Restore the truck. Namely the undercarriage. There's nothing more than surface rust mainly, but, it has obviously seen it's share of salt and I want to eradicate it.










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Guest vzehler

By the way, I think to stock guages suck and would like a cluster with a factory tach. What are my options here.


Oh and a couple pictures of my other TOY. jamminz.gif



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