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the person who installed these did did the easy way. notice it hanging below the frame. notice the otherside has no bolts. should of had bolt in each corner.

[/img]Image Not FoundImage Not FoundImage Not Found


here you see the only two bolts. these are self tappers

Image Not Found

i have drilled out the holes. the left bottom hole is just the hole. the right bottom hole is with the jack insert installed. the top right is with it tapped

[/img]Image Not Found

picture off the inserts, tap bolts etc.

>Image Not Found

finished. it took eight hours. four bolts per bracket, four brackets. i had to use four different drill sizes. it is above the bottom of the frame now, where it should be. the two holes are were it was mounted before. so the first time i brush a rock it won't fall off.

pic out of place :headpop: :D

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