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Antique Willys Association Forum (Canadaian based)


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Hi all,


We're not looking to take members away, but rather offer another group of contacts to people who might be involved with Willys vehicles. If you know of someone who has a Willys in the Canadian Prairie area (or nearby, who knows with road trips these days), it would be appreciated if you could point them in that direction - they might just be looking for a part or even a Willys to buy....as there are a few over there for sale right now.




I know there are a few Willys boards in the states, but between tossing snowballs at polar bears up here and building our next igloo.....we don't see very many people or Willys vehicles. We need all the help we can get.





PS. If the admin feel this is the type of post they should not have on this board, please feel free to delete. Thanks.

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