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G's 1970 SWB V8 Gladiator

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As if this kid needs another project!


G has been waiting for us to get a start on his '70 Gladiator. This little, easy project (lol) got moved up the to-do list on his birthday in October. He asked for engine parts in the hopes he could hear it start on his birthday (13th). I got close, but all I could do was get it to turn over by his birthday. He said- "it's like Christine, it has a soul again, so I know it will run someday".

For Christmas, G asked for Gladiator and Comanche parts. No video games, no electronics, just truck parts and one other thing- to hear the Gladiator run on its own power. That hit me right in the gut.


With a little help from a good friend of ours, it happened!! On the Wednesday before this Christmas, she fired up! That was the day before we were going to get hit with the arctic cold, so my wife and I decided to give him an early Christmas present. I wish you could have seen the look on his face when he turned that key and it came to life.


This build will be happening simultaneously with the Chief.  Like Jerry Reed said- "we've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there."

70 Gladiator.JPG

Snow day 2mp.jpg


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