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MJ unibody strength

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Since the MJ is half unibody, half frame...how much does the unibody flex? I might be putting some rather large axles under the MJ, and am curious. I will be plating the frame rails with 3x3 1/4" angle iron...but will that be enough?

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it's way stronger than the XJ.


thicker uni frame rails

more bonding points for the cab.


The rear is a boxed in frame, with some plating it should be plenty stout.


It only takes one look at the MJ LCA mount compared to an XJ to know that AMC really beefed up the unibody for pickup truck use. It certainly flexes a lot less than your traditional body on frame pickup truck.

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So with some plating and a few good strong skid plates bolted to the stiffeners...I should be good to go. Maybe a cage to tie everything together at some point.


I'm getting a 14 bolt from a guy ~1.5 hours from here for $150, and a pair of D60s from a 1978 F350. I have my eye on 39.5s, and a triangulated 4 link rear. :brows:

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