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04 Rubicon axles on MJ

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Hi everyone,



I know this question has been asked many times. I have been looking everywhere and I find a lot of posts about people doing it and not so much on the how.


A year ago I bough both Axles from a 04 Rubicon with compressors and wiring harnesses all for $1,400. Personally, I thought it was a hell of a price.


I was able to find someone say that its a simple connect the compressor to the battery with a relay and then connect that to a switch to run each locker separately, and to avoid using the factory wiring. However, I have also found people saying to connect everything in the harness but not the pink wire.


Has anyone here done it? If so, can you please help me out a bit or just sending me the link of where to find the answer I need help with.




Thank you guys in advanced




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