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88 Comanche Pioneer


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Hi, been reading this forum for quite awhile now, about time to make my first post. 


This is my 88' Pioneer, or at least how it looked in the pictures the previous owner sent me. 




This is how it looked the day I brought it home. He apparently got fed up waiting for someone to buy it and decided to go ahead and make it SOA. Not necessarily what I had in mind, but it's definitely grown on me.




Only issue is, this. Now I've never lifted anything myself, but that just doesn't look right, does it? Does anyone know what the guy did to mess this up or how I can fix this? I drove it home going 120km/h on the highway and it was more smooth and quiet then my daily driver so I guess he did something right. 




I will add more pictures later, as I've already made some substantial progress into the build, but here are a few pictures I had on my computer.









The red Jeep is a donor 91' XJ that I already had, plan to rebuild it's HO engine for the Comanche, along with stealing all it's other useful goodies. 


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