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Going to the Treasure Yard Tomorrow


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I am going to at least one pull apart tomorrow just to "window shop" so to speak. Not really looking for anything pressing but if I see something awesome I'll grab it. Wanted to put out the offer since I am going for anyone that might be looking for something specific I'd see if I could locate it and, if it isn't an insanely difficult part to remove I'd pick it up for them. Not looking to make any money here at all, that is why I am not putting this in the classifieds section. Just looking to help out my fellow comanche lovers.


So, if ya want me to keep an eye out for something specific let me know. I would post my number here so that people could text me what they wanted to make it easier while I am in the yard but I am not sure if that is against the rules or not.


Just lemme know guys :)

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