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87 Jeep Comanche 4x4 build

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Haven't been on in awhile been trying to button up little things on the Comanche. Had a small over heating problem. The previous owner put a piece of crap "hose" in place of the proper hose that leads to the overflow tank from radiator. I ended up replacing it with a 96 Cherokee overflow tank and hose for now but so far it has been running better. Also did some fender trimming  to fit 285/70 r16 tires and wheels (33's) on stock height but plan to bump it up two inches until spring when taxes come back. ordered a new rear bumper from nates4x4 since a woman ran into my rear and tried to run. I caught her. That's all for now I will post pictures soon.

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So a lot of progress over the last several months with the Comanche. I put on a 2 in budget boost (shackles and spacers) and have new tread on the wheels. i have a slight vibration issue but I have read that i can fix it by either moving axle or lowering tcase just have to figure out which is more safe.I also used an old cherokee headliner to make mine. just needed a box cutter and measuring tape and it fit right in. stole some of the trim for the inside to so it looks like a more complete truck. Finally have my cherokee HO 4.0 and tranny removed just need a place to rebuild it .but all in all its just a fun build with no money  :D

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