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desert rat 87 4.0 4x4


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So a little back story on this MJ of mine.
My grandfather bought this when it came out. he drove it unit the late 90s when he passed. my father then claimed it and drove it while he was putting himself through college as an adult. during this time i was 15 and he took me out to a dried lake and taught me to drive in this truck. my father drove it till 06 when he snagged a new pickup.
The poor girl sat for 4-5 years at this point. I had a little VW i was driving, so my father fixed the jeep to run (barely) as a work truck for his new company. they drove it hard for the next couple years. they park it. I have some issues with the VW and get rid of it, and claim the jeep.
During this time I'm getting my career as an artist off the ground, so i manage to keep the jeep running ok (barely as well) flash forward a year, and I'm doing ok in my art. so i can now start to revive the family truck. 
so here she is currently.
As some may may have seen, ive been having issues with my cooling system (aux fan and now a hole in radiator) so i have everything in shambles as i fix it. also trying to clean up the rats nest called electrical in this truck. 

i have the lower dash out, as i try and sort through some of the messy wiring and clean it up. 

the headliner i installed not too long ago. was fed up with the dust on my head. 

and the mess of an engine I'm in the process of cleaning up and getting to run on point. aside from a rebuild, ive done about all i can to the engine itself(aside from cooling). had my fathers mechanic do a compression test and go through and get it sound. saving to snag a second engine and tranny to start rebuilding. 

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