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Mj Wanted


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Hey guys, I'm looking for a Mj any year with these requirements. I'm in Ontario in a border city, right where the great lakes come together. I am willing to travel but I don't feel like driving 7 hours...... Central Michigan is pretty much as far as I want to go. I hope I'm not asking for to much so far  ;)


2.5 or 4.0 (preferably)


2wd or 4wd


Auto or manual does not matter but please no pukeagoat


Long box 


As little rust as possible please (I hate salty roads) :fs2:

Some rust is ok but I do like rocker panels and cab corners so some of you guys can probably catch my drift.......

Paint is not important to me


I am a very hands on person but I really don't want other peoples major projects, some work is ok. But I would like to drive it home if possible  . :MJ 1: .

I do not have a very big budget due to college but I need a new vehicle/project for the summer. I am open to anything!

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