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87+ Mj In Nc Or Sc


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I'm trying to help a buddy find an MJ as a DD. Craigslist isn't giving many good results, so what better place to ask then here? The criteria are:


4.0 Engine

2 or 4wd

Auto preferably, manual acceptable

Long bed preferably, short acceptable

87 or later

Rust free where it counts (floor, frame)

It can't be a project, he doesn't have the know how, time or money to be fixing it up.

In North or South Carolina, the closer to Charlotte, the better.

Paint is a non issue (rattle cans are cheap)


Minor issues are fine, I'm here to help him out if something doesn't work right. I won't say the price point, but it's very reasonable for a stock or slightly modded truck. Let me know what you've got, thanks. 


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