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Gas Gauge Problems

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I purchased an 1987 MJ 5 speed with the 4.0L a month or so back. It had the basic gauge cluster (speedometer and  large gas gauge) with idiot lights for everything else. I upgraded to a renix style gauge cluster with oil pressure, tach, volt etc. No more idiot lights. Plus a tripometer which I had really missed. Anyways . . .


The problem is the gas gauge in the new cluster is pegged out and won't move. I have disconnected the sending unit wire from the gas tank to see if the needle on the gauge would move and it doesn't. Also tested the sending unit while I had it unplugged and it worked fine. (Numbers jumped around a bit on my ohm meter, but was more or less correct to the level of fuel I had.) This leads me to believe that the gauge is dead, correct?


As for fixes, can the gauge be repaired? Does a replacement exist? I do not want another gauge outside of the cluster in the dash. Anyone have ideas for me? Thanks for your thoughts! 

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You can snag another gas gauge from either a 4.0 or 2.5 XJ / MJ (I would suggest you grab several, actually) from the junkyard and replace the one inside the cluster.


On the reverse side of the gauge cluster are 3 small bronze colored screws that hold the Temp, Oil pressure, Voltage, and Gas gauges in each corner of the unit. Undo the three for the gas gauge and replace with another. Your problem ahould be fixed then. :cheers:

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