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2.8 Ltr Parts In Nd


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Guys and gals. I know most don’t like the 2.8 but I happen to have one that I am replacing with a nice HO 4.0. So I have for the price of Free to anyone that could use it and will come pick it up, a rebuildable block. I also have the 904 Automatic transmission that was working fine when it was pulled, It’s free also. Then I have the carb, again was working fine. For this I would think $25.00 is a fair price plus shipping. Then I have the distributor for the same 2.8, again, I think $25.00 is a fair price plus shipping. I have several other bits and pieces too. The heads are off the block and in good shape/ Motor had 102,000 on it. I am located in Grand Forks ND.


All parts are from an 86 4WD.

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